Tuesday, April 7, 2015


TARNISHED.....SOMETIMES a story appears to a writer and it's a must write deal. This story haunted me for months. This character kept slipping in and out of my mind. I have always been a big boxing fan and so was my father, it was a sport we followed together. Joe reminds me of him. It always amazed me how my dad knew so much about the sport and the men who were professional boxers. He explained to me even as a kid, that these men were hard men and in  many case came from a tough upbringing. He also explained to me how difficult it was to hit a man when there was no anger involved. This was the nature of the sport and nothing more. I grew up watching sports. I played many. I tried my hand at boxing. Some men are cut out for the sport, most aren't. 
So Tarnished evolved came to be. So did Darlene. She is the kind of women that intrigues me. Self sufficient, attractive and to a point needy. As a writer you create, you imagine and you bring to life "people". These two became a reality the more I thought about how I was going to tell this story. Then the reviews. Too short? But at the time...that's all there was to tell. Did I want to delve into their lives any further? Now I'm being told yes. Will there be a tarnished two? Joe's more or less told me yes. Will this be a true story of love and how it can change a man and a woman's life? Read Tarnished, it's raw but as my editor said "this one has a great deal of heart". And wait...for Tarnished II...Joe's telling me his story as I write this important little note.


Ethan Radcliff.........

“Oh, fuck,” she yelled as her hands grabbed his thick head of hair. Her belly churned, her breasts ached, and that inner need began to rise. Darlene knew she should stop him, but her body was too far gone to push him away. It had been years since she’d had an orgasm, and she was on the verge of a massive one. He was good. He knew a woman’s body, and there was no doubt that he found pleasure in what he was doing. His moans gave him away. And the more he showed his high card, the more she surrendered. Then she came. Her body trembled, and time stood still for a few seconds as she savored the incredible orgasm that he evoked. Tears ran down her cheeks. But Joe Murphy wasn’t done with her yet.

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