Audrey Rose

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Audrey Rose
Ethan Radcliff

The door of the black BMW opened. A pair of five inch black patent leather stilettos appeared first, followed by two long perfectly curved calves. The thigh high black leather skirt topped by a black satin corset came next. It was hard to see the face of the owner, because her long ebony hair masked her features. However, you could see her skin was the color of aged ivory: perfect and flawless. As she stood, she pushed her long silky mane back over her shoulders, exposing her incredible beauty. Although, her most striking feature were her eyes, large and amber colored. When she was out of the car, she reached in for her black Coach bag before grabbing her black leather jacket from the back of her car.  She began walking through the parking lot, flinging her coat over a shoulder.
“The things I do just to get a meal. Another night, another dollar,” she said quietly as she approached the large oak door. She rang the bell; a deep male voice came over the loud speaker.
“Can I help you?”
She let out an annoyed gasp of air and looked up at the camera. “Would you look at the computer screen you idiot. It’s me. Open the damn door.”
Sorry, Madame,” the voice said.
She heard the click, and the door opened. The corridor was pitch black; however, that didn’t matter since her keen night vision could make out every nook and cranny of the hallway. As she walked a little farther down the hallway, she encountered a large man sitting on a stool at a small desk. She stopped and put her hands on her full hips.
“Are you blind, Max?
“No, Madame,” he answered.
“Really, you could have fooled me.”
He smiled nervously.
“So how many clients tonight?”
He turned to check the computer screen in front of him. “Five, Madame, and they’re all high rollers.”
“Max, all my clients are, as you say, high rollers. Please take my things and show me to my first client.”
“Yes, Madame,” he said obediently.
“Do I have any special clients tonight? You know what I mean, right, Max?” She could only hope the minion remembered what she’d told him about others of her kind.  These special clients liked to party, and she had to make sure she had the right humans on hand... ones who were untraceable.
“Not that I know of, Madame.
She eyed him carefully. He was so typical of the minions she’d created over the centuries. If she told him to walk in front of a moving train, he’d do it. Over the years, she’d perfected these creatures. Some could actually think and act quite human. Max was better than most.
“Good, Max. Now, please watch your computer screen. We don’t want any of my pets to become unruly while they wait for Mistress,” she said while patting him on his head.
Audrey Rose turned from him, placed her bag behind his desk, and walked farther down the hallway. She let her black heels click along the dark wooden floor as she headed to the first door and her first client. She was hungry and was hoping this one was clean and not hopped up on heroin or pain killers. “Stupid humans,” she mumbled before she opened the door. To her surprise, a young man sat on the bed. He was slight of build and attractive causing her to wonder why he’d be seeking her services.
“Good evening, I’m your Mistress for this hour.”
He said nothing, just smiled.
“What’s your pleasure?” she asked walking over to the wall where all the naughty and painful toys hung. The room smelled fresh of bleach. She insisted on each room’s toys to be sanitized and ready to use each night. Her club drew the richest high rollers in the city and now in the country. Word had leaked out, spreading country wide, how amazing Madame Audrey Rose was. That pleased her but also worried her. It was imperative that she keep her anonymity. Her little club kept her belly full and what she really w under wraps. Vampires had to adapt. She refused to hunt like a savage in the night and in daylight lay in her coffin in some dank, dark, run down castle. She’d been accustomed to the finer things in life and needed to continue enjoying them. This club made it all possible.
“May I sit at your feet, Mistress?” he asked quietly.
“Take all of your clothes off and lay on the floor at my feet. And do it quickly my pet, I’m impatient and bad boys will pay.”
“Yes, Mistress, as you wish.” He was very submissive and that excited her. He took his clothing off quickly as she sat on a queening chair in the dungeon like room. When he was naked, he stood before her. One long red finger nail tapped the arm of the chair as she ran her tongue along her full bottom lip.
“Mmm, you look delicious my pet. Now, on your knees, crawl to Mistress.”
The young man did as she commanded and dropped to his knees.
“Bow your head, boy,” she commanded.
With his head bowed, he crawled to her.
“On your back and under this chair. Your Mistress wants to come, and that’s your job.”
She got up off the chair and slipped off her black lace underwear. She spread her thighs and sat back down. The young man was on his back. “Slide under my pet and let me feel how good you are with that tongue.”
He obeyed. His cock was semi hard as he sucked and licked at her pussy. She had a small cock cage and fastened it to his penis. She flicked her fingers at his balls. He moaned. She lowered her pussy so his tongue had better access. Her body began to respond.
Next to her, within an arm’s reach, was the wall lined with various BDSM toys. Audrey Rose took the nipple clamps off the wall as well as a crop. Her hands gripped the arms of the chair after she placed the clamps and crop on her lap. Her body was almost at its peak. The young sub beneath her was vigorously eating her pussy; she was ready to cum and give him a taste of her juices. She closed her eyes as the knot in your belly exploded and she came.
“Oh yes,” she exclaimed. “Don’t stop now my pet; keep that tongue moving. Be a good boy, and your Mistress will reward you.” Again he obeyed.
Once her body settled down, she rose from the queening chair and walked over to the St. Andrew’s cross which was fastened to the wall. “What’s your first name?” she asked.
“Bradley,” he answered.
“Oh my pet, Bradley, what? I think you know what to say.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said as he crawled over to her. “I’m sorry.”
“Good boy, now up and onto the cross. Mistress wants to play.”
Audrey Rose shackled him to the cross. She readied her crop and cupped his balls. “Mmm, my pet, I see you like pain.”
 She moved closer, pulling at the nipple clips. She was close, breathing down his neck. She moved his head to the side, exposing his pulsating artery. It was time. Her fangs snapped down; her tongue appeared between her teeth as she bit down. Her fangs pushed through the tender skin directly into his plump carotid. She drank.
Her tongue massaged the artery, pumping the right amount of blood down her throat. She was careful, taking just what she needed... just enough to trance him yet speed up his libido. She removed the cage that kept his cock at bay and rubbed his balls. He was now as hard as a rock, but she wouldn’t let him come. Not yet. She licked across the two neat incisions in his neck, her saliva healing them quickly, and stepped away from the cross. She picked up the crop.
“Do you want this?” she asked.
“Yes, Mistress.”
“What do you say my pet?”
“Please, Mistress, hurt me.
“I will my pet, and it will be the finest experience of your life, I promise you that.”
She raised her arm and let the crop come down across his chest. He moaned. She came down with the crop one more time; he let out a loud gasp. She came to him and pulled at his hard cock.
“Are you my boy?” she asked.
“Yes, Mistress, yes.”
He was zoning out. Now, she’d let him come. She moved back and swiped the crop across his belly, and he yelled, “Oh, fuck!”“Beg…” she said as she gently let the crop move across his cock. “Beg your Mistress.”
“Please,” he begged. “Please, let me come.”
She moved in on him and undid his constraints. He fell to his knees. She willed him to his feet. She grabbed his dark hair and brought is lips to hers. The kiss was deep and yearning, giving him exactly what he needed and desired. Audrey Rose was a master. She slid down his slender body and took his cock in her mouth; this was her feast, her crowning glory. Her sharp fangs very slowly and precisely bit down at the very moment he came, her rewards were great. She took one last drop of blood and closed the wounds. She let him fall to the floor.
“You’ll awaken refreshed and incredibly satisfied,” she said looking down at his unconscious form. “There is no one quite like Madame Audrey Rose,” she said, grinning as she wiped away a small drop of blood.
A small sigh escaped her full red lips. She had four more clients and the night was young. Tonight she’d be well rewarded.
The click of her heels sounded again along the polished wooden floors. “Max, who’s next?”
The big broad shouldered bouncer checked his computer screen. “Um, the second room, the deep purple one, is a guy and his cat.”
Audrey Rose raised an eyebrow. “Say that again. I’m not sure I heard you correctly.... his cat? The man brought his cat with him to a BDSM club. Are you sure it’s not a seeing-eye dog?”
“Madame, I can tell the difference between a cat and a dog,” he said.
She frowned. “The purple room. I think he needs to leave. Max, please tell him we don’t allow animals.”
“I can’t do that.”
“Excuse me, you can’t what!” she growled.
“He paid over ten thousand dollars for one hour with you. Maybe you could forget he has a cat with him.”
She stamped her foot on the wooden floor. “You’ve grown a set of balls, Max,” she said. “I guess I have no choice but to do this myself. Oh and by the way, you and I will be having a little talk later tonight. I don’t like your attitude.”
He said nothing more and meekly nodded his head. “Yes, Madame.
“God damn minions, sometimes I wonder if I even need them,” she mumbled as she walked toward the door to the purple room. Her hand touched the silver doorknob, and she turned it slowly. She hesitated. Ten thousand dollars, a fair price, she wondered what his fetish was and why the damn cat.
As she anticipated, the room was dimly lit, and a ghoulish purple hue filled the space. Her astute vison honed in on the large imposing figure which filled the room. He was tall, at least six foot, six inches, and well built. The muscles on his arms bulged through his tight fitting black T-shirt: an expensive T-shirt. His hair was dark, worn longer than the current fashion, and his classic masculine features where heightened by his already scrubby six o’clock shadow that adorned his face. For a human he was stunning. She could only speculate as to his fetish.
She closed the door behind her. He just stood there a minute before   removing the sunglasses he wore and stared at her with the most amazing pair of deep azure blue eyes she’d ever seen. Her once again superior vision scanned his face then moved back up to his eyes, and that’s when she noticed one eye was noticeably a different color than the other. This was unusual for a human, yet not all together impossible.
She moved closer. He said nothing. He didn’t move a muscle. Oh, he was mysterious; she was beginning to like this one. Her gums ached as she suddenly experienced a fierce hunger. She needed to get this session under way, she couldn’t wait to taste him.
“So, my pet, what’s your pleasure?”
Madame Audrey Rose?
His deep baritone voice ignited every nerve in her body. “Is that a question, my pet?’
“Simple question, yes, I just want to make sure I have the renowned Madame Audrey Rose before me.”
Now she was beginning to get bored, time to speed things up. “Yes, yes, renowned, now my beautiful pet how would you like to begin your play session?” Her gums were now throbbing.
“Meow,” a soft voice sounded behind him.
“Shh, Midnight, daddy’s almost done.”
Audrey Rose heard the animal, but couldn’t see it. “Could you please keep your cat out of the way? I hope you brought a carrier with you.”
“My pussy is well behaved. She’s never any trouble. Shall we begin?”
“Of course, now tell Mistress what you need,” she said in a low voice oozing sex appeal.
“Mmm,” he moaned. “You’re gorgeous.” He sank to his knees. He bent and kissed her black stilettos. He grabbed one of her slender perfect ankles and began kissing it. He moved up her calf, slowly and deliberately. She began to shiver. One of his large hands grasped her other calf, and that’s when she heard his cat again.
“Not now, kitty,” he said softly.
“Oh, not now, pussycat,” Audrey Rose said. Her libido was rising. She wanted to feed. Her fangs pushed at her gums. The ache was becoming unbearable. Her hunger grew with each stroke of his hand and touch of his lips. She spread her legs as he moved up. She needed to make eye contact; she had to trance him so she could feed. She willed him up. He stood.
Her hands went to his handsome face. She licked her lips.
Deep, sexy, loud vibrations filled the room. Audrey Rose adjusted her vision. From behind him, out of the dark deep purple illumination came a sleek black cat. It walked slowly, almost seductively.
“Meow, now?”
Audrey Rose’s radar went up. Was she hearing things?
“Not yet, pussycat,” he whispered. “We’ve just begun to play, haven’t we?” he said to Audrey Rose.
She grabbed his head and pushed his neck to the side exposing his carotid artery. It sang to her as it pulsed, and she could hear the beat of his strong heart. Her fangs broke through her gums. She let her tongue taste his skin; she began to bite down…
“Now, pussycat,” he commanded.
Audrey Rose was taken by surprise as she was knocked to the floor. No small cat held her down, but a huge sleek panther was in her face. Something was wrong. She tried to move, but the animal above her was strong and had no trouble pinning her body to the floor.
“Grrrr,” a massive growl resounded through the room.
‘Oh, fuck,’ she thought; she smelled something fowl, something dangerous.
The panther moved from her and let her go, and in its place stood a massive wolf. It pounced on her, keeping her pinned to the ground. Her fear took over.
“What the fuck?” she screamed trying to get free of its grip.
‘It’s useless,’ his thoughts conveyed to her. ‘It’s the end of the road for you vampire’
Her thoughts reached his. ‘Really and who the fuck are you?’
‘Van Helsing and this here is my protégé, my wife, a feline shifter; we’re slayers. You, Madame, have had your last session.’
Her screams filled the room. “Max!” she began screaming.
‘Your minion’s not coming to your rescue vampire.’
She tried desperately to fight off the werewolf but was aware that she’d be the loser.
The wolf bit down on her neck, ripping it from her body. In seconds, Madame Audrey Rose ceased to exist. What remained was a pile of dust.
Both shifters resumed their human form, he dashingly handsome and she sleek, dark, and incredibly beautiful. He grabbed her to him.
“Mrs. Mina Van Helsing, another job well done,” he said kissing her.
“Mmm, Mr. Van Helsing, I agree,” she purred. “What about her minions?”
“Some will die; others will be free. I’ve been doing my ancestor’s work for years. You, my dear, are such an added bonus. When I saw your talent, the ability to shift to any feline including my lovely little pussycat, I had to have you.”
“Oh, and I thought this was true love?” She smiled, kissing his lips slowly.
We’re soul mates, meant to be together, tracking down these creatures. Our children will do the same.”
She grabbed the small backpack from the corner of the room. “We better dress and leave. I’m sure her other clients will wonder what happened.”
A change of clothing was always a necessity, and she was always prepared. With their job done, they left holding hands. The black SUV that waited for them took off leaving a trail of dust behind. The sun rose, and a few survivors walked into the sunlight, memories wiped clean, as they looked back at the building confused.
Van Helsing opened his laptop. “According to our email, we have another bad ass vampire to quell. Are you ready my dear?” he asked her.
The sleek black cat next to him sat back on the leather car seat licking her paws. “Meow,” she said and continued her ministrations.
He rubbed behind her ears; she loved when he did that.  The soft fur on her back stood up along with her sleek long tail.
“Meow,” she said again along with a soft quiet body rumbling purr.
Van Helsing put his hands back on the wheel as his car disappeared into the dusk of the morning light.
The End for now


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  4. Omg Ethan, how are you able to pull us in continually? Your paranormal twists are amazing you truly a master of mixing erotic and paranormal and come out with such hot, sexy story that keeps us wanting more.

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