Blood Lust

Written by Ethan Radcliff

Chapter One
Morgan O’Neil was twenty-five and still searching for himself. He’d never excelled in academics; he was an average student. He’d played every sport he could when in high school, had been labeled a “jock”, and had always had plenty of girls looking to date him. He’d dated them, conquered them, and then moved on to the next one. He never looked back either; his motto was, what was done was done. He’d left a succession of many broken, young hearts and bitter young women behind.
He went on to an average four-year college and graduated, of course, as an average student with an average bachelor’s degree in history. He landed a job with a car rental service, the kind that rents out limos and luxury automobiles, to not so average people. At twenty-five, Morgan learned that he was not so average looking. He was six foot two, with sandy blonde hair, green eyes, and a body that was naturally full of sinewy muscle. He was by all standards handsome, with long dark eyes lashes, full lips, an aquiline nose, and squared-off jaw. Jessica Valentine noticed him immediately when she had to lease a limo for her boss. She flirted with him, and he was an easy mark, for the five foot six, blue eyed brunette, with a figure to die for. She invited him to a party out in the Hamptons, and he accepted… what red-blooded young man wouldn’t? She could not wait to tell her boss; new blood was always welcome.
Morgan was getting ready for his excursion to the Hamptons, when his cell phone rang, it was the pretty little blonde he’d been seeing, and he’d forgotten that he had a date with her. Now, how was he going to break it, tell her he had other plans? It was, after all, Saturday night;  he was going to have to make this a good one.
“Hi Cindy,” he said, as he answered his cell phone.
“Morgan, where are you?” You were supposed to be here half an hour ago. Geez Morgan, you’re a pain in the ass; you have no concept of time,” she said, with obvious annoyance in her voice.
“Look, don’t bust ‘em, okay? Something unexpected came up, and I won’t be able to see you tonight,” he said, rather nonchalantly.
“I’ve had it with you, Morgan! You obviously don’t really give a shit about me, so goodbye and go fuck yourself.” And he heard Cindy slam the phone down.
Morgan shrugged his broad shoulders and moved to the mirror. He was getting tired of her demanding and wanting; she could go fuck herself, too. He focused on his face in the mirror, checking to see if he should shave, figured it was the Hamptons, and there should be some really hot, rich babes out there. Maybe he needed to have his face as smooth as a baby’s ass; you never know where it might end up. He laughed to himself; he really did enjoy women, and the prettier they were, the more he enjoyed them.
A lot of guys were selfish and into themselves. He liked to please the women he was with; they were far more willing to reciprocate when a man knew his way around a pussy. Too bad about Cindy, she was a great fuck and had no hang ups. Anything went, as long as it felt good. But right now, his mind was the Hamptons, those expensive beach houses, and that great piece of ass, Veronica.
A limo would be picking him up by nine p.m., Friday night. She told him that it was arranged; he’d be gone for the weekend, and he’d be compensated for his time if money was a worry. Ironic that one of the limos he rented out would be picking him up, but the driver was a new guy, so he’d probably never recognize him, and there would be no questions asked. They would be making a few stops along the way, starting with picking up a party in Manhattan. He hoped the gorgeous brunette, Veronica, would be part of that party. He would love to get something on with her before they hit the dunes out in the Hamptons.

Veronica sat in the limo, resting the back of her head on the plush leather seat; her mind was on the sandy haired hunk she was going to be picking up.  She smiled to herself, he was absolutely delicious looking. She was anxious for her boss to meet him, and she hoped he was everything she thought he was. He seemed to like women a bit more than the average male, which was important; he looked like he was in spectacular shape, and that was of the utmost importance. She and her friends were a lusty lot, and stamina was a requirement. She was sure if a male got into the mix, this guy would go with the flow.  
The weekend promised to be a really wild one, and she was sure it was one Morgan O’Neil would never forget. There would be plenty of liquor, food, drugs, sex, and rock and roll, all of which the Hamptons were known for. She would start out the evening giving him a blow job, checking out his cock and making sure he was prepared for what was in store for him. It would be nice for a change, if the human male she picked was as good as he looked. Too many were a total disappointment and were never invited back. She snickered, invited was a pretty broad term; most became missing persons, a dot on a police blotter. Veronica had a feeling this one was finally going to be a winner, and her boss was going to commend her for finding him.
Morgan was in the shower, washing his thick golden locks when it hit him that the brunette, Veronica, hadn’t said more than a few sentences to him, and those were all business. He wondered what kind of business she was in. She was stunning, and he’d never seen a woman quite like her. She’d been wearing sunglasses, and it hadn’t been a very sunny day, in fact, it’d been quite overcast. He tried not to think too much; it gave him a headache. He soaped up his body, making sure he was squeaky clean and he smelled good. Women hated a man that smelled bad, especially if they were trying to suck his dick. Morgan was always well groomed; he expected it from the women he dated, so he was always meticulous about himself. Cindy always complimented him but said he always had a motive, that being making sure she did suck his cock.
Morgan thought he had it all figured out. Someday he’d marry, have a family, and settle down. Every time he thought of himself as settled down, he just couldn’t wrap his head around it. He had a real problem, he just could not see himself old, and satisfied with one woman or with kids. He really didn’t like the little buggers.
He smiled to himself, as he preened and waited for the limo to come get him. He decided that wearing jeans and a black t-shirt was the way to go. He put on an expensive pair of sandals and knew he was ready for a party. Morgan checked out his image and the finished product. He looked good, but was unaware just how spectacular he really looked. His looks were classic and quite flawless and would stand the test of time.
When other men lost their youthfulness, Morgan’s would be intact. When other men gained belly weight and lost that youthful muscle tone, Morgan’s would still be steel hard and perfect. He was right in thinking that he would not be happy with one woman; there would be more beauty in his life than he could count. Beauty and perfection, he’d demand it. Morgan O’Neil was a young, very superficial, handsome man; those qualities would stay with him forever, but he would gain an uncanny maturity and control. He was about to enter a world where he would rise to the top and be a force to be reckoned with. One bite, the excruciating pain he’d experience would transform him forever. There’d be no turning back for Morgan O’Neil. 

Chapter Two

Veronica licked her lips as the Limo pulled up to a small apartment complex on route 109 in Babylon. She eyed the complex and shook her head. How could anyone live like this? Then again, young guys needed only the very basics. She picked up the phone in the limo and told the driver to ring the bell on 4D. He started to get out of the Limo when Morgan opened the door to his apartment and grabbed his backpack. Veronica watched him and felt a stirring she’d not felt in a long time; this guy was mouthwatering. He had no idea what a fine specimen he was. It was going to be an interesting ride to the beach house. As he came to the limo and the driver helped him put his backpack in the trunk, Veronica removed her thong underwear and shoved them in her purse. By the time they got to their destination, she would see what Morgan O’Neil was really made of.
The door to the limo opened, and Morgan slid in. “I’ve never ridden in one of these. I clean them, wash them and wax them, never had a reason to take one out for a drive. The smell and feel of the fine leather always reminded me of money,” he said, running his hands over the soft leather, relishing the luxury it represented.
He lifted his heavy, hooded eyes to hers. Oh, he was good, knew how to give off that sultry air. Veronica watched him, oh yes he was so perfect, and she hoped her Master would allow her to take him. “Morgan, glad you could make it,” she said. Her voice was sultry, and her scent, so sweet, filled the back of the car.  Smelled incredible.
“Hi, Veronica is it?” he said, putting on his best stupid.
“Yes, sweetheart, it is Veronica. So Morgan, are you into men or women maybe both? I like to get that out in the open right away,” she said, eyeing him seductively.
“I like women, and the prettier, the more I like them if you get my drift,” he said, now leaning back in his seat. He felt himself getting hard, and he had a feeling that was exactly Veronica’s mission.
“Any hang-ups, Morgan?” she asked him as she crossed her legs.
“Define hang-ups?” he asked Veronica, his erection getting larger.
“Well, let me see,” Veronica put her finger to her head. “Some men like their cocks sucked, but aren’t willing to reciprocate; now that is a bad thing. Do you mind others in on the fun?  Do you have a problem with others watching? Those kinds of hang-ups. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable,” she said, now watching his reaction.
He simply shrugged his shoulders, “I will try anything once, but with women. As a kid, I found out that my own sex does nothing for me. I like to watch guys at it with women. I guess I don’t mind someone watching me. Never had the opportunity. I guess some wild things are about to happen,” he said, now feeling a bit aroused at the thought.
“Oh, sweetheart, anything can happen, just want to prepare you. How much do you like women?” she asked as she uncrossed her legs and spread them apart to let him see she wasn’t wearing any panties. She leaned forward and grabbed the zipper of his jeans, and he did nothing to stop her. She went down on her knees before him and pulled his hard cock from his pants. She smiled, “Very nice, Morgan. You’re amply endowed.” Before she could get him in her mouth, he pulled her head away.
“You first,” he said, and he was down on her before she could answer him.
Veronica held her breath, he was true to his word; he liked women and knew how to please them. His tongue was like a snake, licking and flicking at her clit. His hands grabbed the cheeks of her ass and he delved deeper into her. She held back her excitement; he wasn’t ready yet to see her in full arousal mode.
Veronica held on to the seat of the limo, trying desperately not to ruin the leather with her nails. This Morgan O’Neil was destined for greatness, because if she came quickly, he was going to be very important to them all, at least to the females. Her mind suddenly drew a blank as she let her juices flow.” “Oh fuck,” she moaned. “You’re worth your weight in gold and silver.”
When she came he smiled smugly. She grabbed his gorgeous face and kissed him. He didn’t lack in that department either; he was a great kisser. Veronica broke away from him after the kiss, then made eye contact with him. She intensified her stare. He was like putty in her hands. She bent her head down and grabbed him, then put him in her mouth. All she could think of, as she took her tongue to him, was how pleased her Master would be
She found it hard to contain herself as she licked his cock. The excitement was growing inside, and that’s when it happened, snap, her fangs erupted from her gums, rubbing against him.
When Morgan experienced the cold sharpness on his cock, at first he became startled, but then an unusual calm came over him and the concern dissipated. In his mind, he knew something was different about Veronica, but he kept his eyes closed as she worked on him. He felt her hands, mouth and a little extra something sucking him hard. Her head bobbed up and down as she fucked him. Then she sped up her diligent work as he neared one of the most intense orgasms he’d ever experienced.
As his body rocked with satisfaction, Veronica moved from him to his inner thigh. Her fangs found his femoral artery and she feasted on him, extending his experience. Morgan had no idea what hit him; he lost control of his mind and body as his orgasm racked his body over and over again. Veronica was sated, letting her fangs snap back as she moved from Morgan. As she did, she made sure there was no evidence on her lips of what just transpired. She licked the small incisions aiding in their quick healing and he’d never be the wiser. Morgan O’Neil was everything Veronica anticipated; her boss was going to be thrilled. He was a treat.
Morgan rested his head back now, on the seat of the Limo, what the hell? was all he could think. He always enjoyed a good orgasm, but what he just experienced was amazing and habit forming. He knew that he and Veronica would be fucking again he wanted to see if she was capable of an encore, whatever she did to him it was overwhelming.
Veronica sat back happy; he was good. He knew his way around a woman’s body, knew how to please a woman. Now to fuck him, that would be the next step. She wondered how long Morgan O’Neil could go in the sack, and how many times in a night he would be able to get it up. It had been some time since she had found one like him; he was destined for greatness.
She smiled to herself, say goodbye to the world as you know it, Morgan, after tonight she was sure he’d be invited to join the world of forever. She was sure he would choose to enter the world of immortality, the world of the vampire.
Veronica could still taste blood on her pallet. The warm, salty concoction was the very essence of her ‘life’. That’s if you want to call a vampire alive. The Master had been very strict about their little parties out in the Hamptons. He was specific in telling them: you make a mess clean it up. Perhaps it was time to talk to talk to her new recruit.                                                                                                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chapter Three

Morgan was quiet for the entire ride out east. He pretended to be sleeping when in actuality his mind was going a hundred miles an hour. Veronica sat with ear phones on her head, listening to her iPhone, and was smoking one cigarette after another. He never smoked, so the second-hand smoke was really bothering him. He didn’t want to say anything, though, because he was still in a quandary about the sexual encounter they’d just had. It was like nothing he’d ever experienced before, and that seemed to bother him. He should be jumping for joy, but he was wondering if he should just open the limo door and take his chances as he flew out of it on to the road. He tried not to show any amusement on his face; after all, he was supposed to be asleep.
Veronica knew that Morgan was a bit confused, maybe even a bit upset; she knew he wasn’t asleep. She loved LedZepplin and hated to stop listening to their music, but it was time to confront Morgan.
“Morgan, you okay over there?” she asked.
“How did you know I wasn’t sleeping?” he asked, with a small smile on his handsome face.
“Just a wild guess,” she said, jokingly. “Wondering what just happened?” she asked him.
“It would be nice to let me in on how the hell you do what you do. Veronica, nothing I have ever experienced can compare to what you just did to me. I’d say let’s get married because you have spoiled me; after that, nothing will appease me,” he said, leaning over to her.
“Morgan, chalk it up to experience, but I’m sure I’m not the only woman who will make you feel that way tonight. Trust me, there are far better than me at this little get-together,” she said.
He fell back onto the seat and let out a low whistle.
“So I have been missing out on that much. And I thought I‘d done and seen it all. Just joking,” he said, looking up at the ceiling.
“Morgan, how would you like to live forever?” Veronica said, knowing she was way overstepping her boundaries with him. “How would you like to be able to have what you wanted and anyone you wanted, anytime you wanted?” she said, as she raised an eyebrow to him.
He leaned into her again, “I’m not stupid if that was possible, what would the price be. I am sure something like selling my soul to the devil. As we all know, that isn’t going to happen. I’m game for just about anything, but, Veronica, I do have limitations. I want to be able to live with myself, be able to look in the mirror in the morning, and not get sick at what I see. I’ve done my share of hurting people, and I don’t like how that feels. But I’m pretty shallow and know the way I look now won’t last forever. So I’m taking advantage of it now. What you’re offering would probably come with a very steep price. I guess I’d have to say no. Does that surprise you?” he said, as a matter of fact.
“Really, Morgan, you would say no to immortality, to wealth beyond your wildest dreams and sex as good as or better than what I just showed you, you would say no?”
“Well, if you put it that way, I’d be crazy to turn down such an offer. What the fuck, sure I’d like to live forever, if you put it that way,” he said.
“Good, just checking. Wouldn’t it be something if what I said was true? But, as we know, no one can live forever.” Veronica said.
The limo came to a halt. “We’re here, Morgan, time to party. Enjoy. One of the house servants will show you to your room. I do think the party has started, so see you later, sweetheart.” With that, Veronica got out and was gone before he could say thanks.
“Jesus Christ, what have I gotten myself into?” he mumbled to himself as he got out of the limo. It was a stunning day; the sun was shining and the temperature hadn’t reached eighty degrees all day. He took a deep breath, smelling in the ocean air, so clean and fresh smelling. What the hell, being here was better than working, any day. The limo driver handed him his backpack, then pulled away, leaving him standing in front of the massive contemporary house. He flung his backpack over his shoulder and walked up the walkway. When he got to the front door, he was about to knock when the door opened.
“You must be Morgan, please come in,” an elderly woman said. She was dressed in black, with a white apron.
“Yeah, I’m Morgan. Are you the housekeeper?”
“How did you guess,” she said sarcastically.
He gave her a smug smile and a low snort. Was everyone strange there or was it just him? He went to climb one last step and a pain shot down his leg from his groin. What the hell was that?  He entered the house to find every glass window was drawn and curtained. When he turned to question the housekeeper, she was gone. So he stood there with his backpack, staring at the long, pale pink curtains that let in the light, but kept out the sun. They offset the décor with its white furniture, glass tables, and modern art, beautifully. The house was everything he’d envisioned, spectacular.
The place was deadly quiet. Didn’t Veronica say the party was in session? If it was, this was a silent bunch of party goers, and he could only think fucking boring. He walked a few steps further into the foyer, and that’s when he saw her. Dressed in a flowing, white, translucent gown, she seemed to glide across the floor. His feet became cement. He was planted to the floor. Fuck, his mind echoed, yet he couldn’t utter a sound. She was before him; her lips barely touching his, and then she was inside his head. Her lips never moved on his, yet he heard every word she said, clearly.
You’ll adjust to this way of life in time. It does take time, the transition from human to immortal. First, you’ll meet my Master and do his bidding. Then you’ll be given to us to feast on. My delicious Morgan, by nightfall you’ll cease to exist in this world. You will belong to another.’
His heart skipped a beat. What the fuck was she talking about? He tried to move. Nothing. His body was stiff, not a muscle of movement. Fear crept into his psyche slowly, and then the bitter cold that encompassed him. Her hand came to his face; she was as cold as ice. Her eyes met his and the color deepened, no longer amber but red, dark crimson and glowing. His heart beat a long hard thud in his chest. This wasn’t real, this was a dream, yeah he was dreaming. He tried desperately to open his mouth, nothing.
‘Don’t be frightened, my little lamb. Soon you’ll understand. Now come with me, it’s time you met him. Be ready to please him. If you deny him, your end won’t be quick. He has a way of making the pain and horror last for days.
She was inside his head again. He was trembling, but his body never moved. He was as stiff as a board and colder. He had to try. He had to move, he had to get the fuck out of there. She was talking some kind of trash. He wanted no part of what she was saying. Then her cold hand gently touched his cheek; she smiled, and horror once again encompassed him. Did she have fangs? Was her face different? Had she taken on a demonic aura? He blinked a few times, no he wasn’t dreaming, this was real. Again, she was inside his head.
Morgan, do you want to live forever?’
Was this a trick question? Of course he did.
‘I need to ask you that one question, for if you do, then it’s time for you to meet my master. Do you want to live forever?’
Morgan called for all his reserves, all that was good inside of him. Her hands slid down his chest, to his lower torso, and to his cock. She rubbed him, caressed him; his cock became hard and aching. He had to answer her. He couldn't move. His mouth formed the words. His answer was on the tip of his tongue.
“Yes,” he said surprising himself, for what was in his head never made it to his mouth.


Veronica's tongue circled his hard cock. Morgan's body trembled with anticipation. He'd had his cock sucked before, but this was beyond any of his expectations. The control of his body no longer his. His hips rose and his cock became king as he thrust his meat deep down her throat. 
"Ah fuck," he heard himself say. Damn, his mind screamed. This had to be some kind of out-of-body experience he was having. Yet, the warning signals his brain was sending, didn't stop him from grabbing her thick hair and pushing his dick in and out of her slick mouth.
His eyes were closed and suddenly he felt a cool breeze caress his face. 'Morgan open your eyes. Look at me.' Her voice was once again in his head. Against his better judgment, he opened his eyes. A sharp of intake of breath, his own, filled the air. 
"Fuck," he cried. When she loomed above him the sight of her crimson eyes and huge fangs encompassed him in fear.
"Please, let me go. Whatever the fuck you are, I'm not digging this."
"Shh, my pet, there's no need to be frightened. You will cum and your orgasm will be beyond any pleasure your human body has ever experienced. This I guarantee." she lowered his demonic head and sucked his cock back down her throat.
He had no will to stop her. Like jelly spread on bread, he could feel his body giving way to the pleasure she promised. His balls tightened, his card hard and weeping, he lost touch with reality and when the first spasm of his orgasm came, he nearly passed out. His warm thick cream spewed from his erection. Then again his cock jerked, and again his cum filled her mouth. He could feel her tongue and fangs as they scraped over his dick. It only egged him on, made him fall deeper under her spell. Her tongue, so long and so well oiled, wrapped around his cock pulling from him the last of his orgasm.
Drained and fear ridden, Morgan cringed as he watched her sharp demonic features recede. 
"So would you like to experience orgasms like that every few minutes and every hour, hell days of fucking and cuming."
“Who wouldn’t, but I want to live and not as some fucking vampire. Please let me go, I promise I won’t tell anyone about you.”
“Silly boy, now that I have you I’m not letting you go. I need your blood and delicious cum to keep me nourished. I’m not sure if I will change you too quickly. My little pet, I like playing with you.”
Morgan began to pray. “Please, I’ll change my ways,” he whispered. “God, please know I’m not fucking kidding.”
“Stop your whining. No one can help you now. If you don’t cut it out I’ll break your fucking neck and put you out of your misery.”
He stopped.
Somehow he had to get away from her, but before he could think any further he felt cool metal in his wrists. She’d handcuffed him. “Shit,” he cursed.

“Shut up,” she bellowed and hit him across the face. Hers was the last face he remembered before he lost consciousness.

Chapter Four

Morgan found himself in the dark. Was he on the floor? Was that dirt under his hands? His head hurt. Fear encompassed him. He was cold; no he was freezing. Morgan finally realized he was naked. A hand went to his neck. What the fuck? His neck was killing him.
“Shit,” he whispered. “What the fuck is going on?” His hands went to his head. “Christ, my head is killing me. Damn,” he said speaking into the cold darkness. Why was his neck sore and for some reason raw, like he’d been stabbed, no bitten. He tried to get up but he was hindered by the chains that were fastened to his wrist.

“Stop moving,” a soft voice whispered.