The Evil in him

Tamara read:
Sanskrit is an ancient Indic language of India, in which the Hindu scriptures and classical Indian epic poems are written and from which many northern Indian languages are derived.
Tamara put the book down. Interesting, she thought. India? “I would have thought that amulet was from somewhere in Asia. Yet we found it buried in a tomb in Egypt,” she mumbled aloud. “None of this makes any sense,” she said again into the darkly lit room. She sat pounding away on her laptop, searching the internet and reading articles she’d looked up. “Dragons, how very interesting,” she said, noting their newest acquisition, the dragon pendant, then yawned.
She got up and stretched her well-toned body. She’d been at her research for hours and yet she could make no sense of their new find. She needed sleep. She’d worry about the amulet tomorrow. She was meeting with the curator of the museum of Nature History tomorrow. They had sent the thing to experts and the findings were conclusive. It was ages old…as dirt, more than a few thousand years old, she mussed. Tomorrow, she thought yawning again, tomorrow, her mind whirled around, as she sunk her body into the sheets and blankets of her bed.
The dreams began.

“Steady,” the watcher said. “You’re a little snack for later,” he growled as he moved closer to the dark haired woman. “I love to tease my victims before I devour them. Maybe even give you a little taste of pleasure. Would you like that?” he asked his terrified victim.
Tamara shook violently as his large dark hands made their way over her heaving breasts. His fingers tweaked each nipple, causing them to harden in anticipation. Why was she panting so heavily and why was her body reacting to his heathen touch? Why was she becoming sexually aroused? Was he going to kill her?
With one hand, he ripped her jeans from her and then in one swift move, a large hand was between her legs. Two grimy fingers found their way into her body. His large thumb settled on her clit. She closed her eyes, sure his next move would rip her shreds, instead her pussy gushed in carnal need.
“Oh God,” she whimpered as her belly began its treacherous momentum toward a climax. His terrifying eyes mesmerized her, letting her accept his deep tongue filled kiss. She thought she’d vomit, but again her body betrayed her, latching onto his thick invasive tongue.
His fingers fucked her. His thumb rubbed her clit. She spread her legs wider, taking in more of his grimy fingers.
“You’re all the same. Opening your thighs to pleasure regardless of whom or what delivers the pleasure. You’re all whores of the devil,” he growled.
She shook her head no, trying desperately to stop what was coming, her impending orgasm. However, he was relentless and kept on fucking her with his fingers.
She came.
Her body erupted.
He laughed.
She lost consciousness.
She had played a deadly game and lost; now she had to pay the price. Playing with evil spells and curses was dangerous. They came for her in her dreams. For Tamara Bittner it all started very innocently. A simple touch was all it took.
Tamara was a scientist and didn’t believe in curses and old legends. Finding the amulet in the last archeological dig had been a great find. The 24Karat gold and perfect rubies embedded in the amulet, had drawn forth so many oohs and aahs that Jerry, the head archeologist, had to put the find in the small portable safe they’d brought along to protect such a find. When they got back to the museum, Tamara reread the legend that accompanied the find. The translation from Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages on the planet, done few years earlier by a renowned linguist, piqued her interest.
‘The red dragon, lays dormant. One touch of the dragon will corrupt your soul. Decadence will rule you. Once you have unleased the evil, he will come for you. Beware of the lure, for it is strong. You cannot fight the beast. The beast will not come from the fires of hell. The beast will take the heat and leave the cold. The beast will take your soul and leave darkness in its place.’
“Imagine if we actually took all the legends and curses into consideration when we found these artifacts? Harry we’d be nowhere today. No museums, no displays, no history,” she said holding up the stunning amulet. Before her was her laptop, where she’d uploaded the translation.
“I know, and we’d be out of jobs too,” he added.
“Yes, we would be. But imagine the world not being able to see how people lived way before our time. How they build their homes, ate their food and…”
“And wore their jewelry,” said Marge Thompson, the museum’s curator.
Tamara made a face. “She wasn’t crazy about Marge, she was a tyrant and treated everything thing in the museum like it was her own, literally.
“This is heavy, I do think it may have been worn by a man,” Tamara said.
“Perhaps, you’re right. It’s been valued at over one million dollars. Imagine that,” Marge said.
“That’s pretty easy to figure out,” Tamara said sarcastically. “The tail is studded in diamonds, the body in green emeralds and the eyes are the two most perfect rubies I’ve ever seen.”
“Yes, and according to the best gemologists in the world, they probably are the finest,” Marge said running a finger over the amulet.
Harry cocked an eyebrow. “No shit,” he mumbled and smiled at the two women.
Tamara gave Harry a warning glance.
“Sorry,” Marge, he said.
“No problem, funny I was just thinking the…” she stopped the minute her hand brushed the gold chain of the artifact.
Then Tamara watched the attractive blonde run her perfectly manicured fingernail over the nooks and crannies of the beautiful amulet. When she picked up her head to glance at her, Marge let the tip of her tongue slip out onto her bottom lip. Innocent, thought Tamara? Far from it, she could already feel the woman’s tongue sucking on her clit. For some reason everything Marge did in her presence was sensual in nature and got her mind working in an heightened sexual way. Tamara became slightly confused at her reaction.
Tamara, never considered herself bi-sexual, but Marge Thompson had an interesting effect on her libido. Perhaps a little experimentation was in order or maybe not. But it was a thought, however fleeting.
“I’m going to stop at Murphy’s Bar and Grill around the corner for dinner. Do you two have plans? I’d like to discuss the way that we might display this new find. You were both there, correct?” she asked, as she raised a perfect light brown eyebrow. Now Tamara wondered if she was a natural blonde? Did her pussy match her soft blonde hew of hair? She shelved the thought immediately. What the hell was going on?
Tamara pushed the amulet away from Marge. “Maybe it’s time to put this away,” she said smiling.
She wrapped it back up in the soft velvet it was being stored in and placed it back in the small safe. She handed it to Harry. “Please return this to the large safe,” she told him and then turned to Marge.
In all her days, she’d never once thought of another woman the way she was thinking about Marge Thompson.  Sure, she wasn’t with anyone now, but that was never an issue in the past.  She always had her trusted little vibrator, which delivered a great orgasm, yet it wasn’t a substitute for the touch of a hand or a set of lips. A warm cozy feeling came over her. The image of the stunning amulet entered her mind. She let out an involuntary sigh. Then covered her mouth in an effort to stop herself from sighing further.
“Oh my, I’m sorry. I have no idea what’s come over me,” she apologized.
“No need. After toughing that thing, I tend to feel the same way. It really was a thing of beauty,” Marge admitted.
Harry came back into the acquisitions room in time to catch both of their comments. Now he was confused. The amulet was gaudy, badly carved and the stones weren’t as beautiful as both women made them out to be. He honestly thought it was one of the worst pieces he’d ever seen. But because it had lasted for centuries, he agreed it was worth a fortune. Something was very wrong. But he was hungry.
“That bar and grill, I’m famished, sounds like a good idea,” he said eying the two of them. He wasn’t sure but the vibes he was getting were sure as hell sexual and it was centered on the two of them. Damn, he thought were they both into women? Ah, what the fuck, he thought, he was hungry and tonight it was obvious he wasn’t seeing any action.
Dinner went smoothly. The talk was about business. Marge and Tamara exchanged ideas about how to display the artifact and Harry just listened and nodded. Finally, he managed to get a word in.
“Hey, you two really think that thing is pretty? I mean the workmanship seems shoddy even for its time. That amulet was buried for eons and gold and gems never deteriorate. I have to admit I found your praise rather unusual.  If it wasn’t for the age and the gold, I’d say it was a piece of crap.”
Marge slammed down her glass spilling some soda on the table. “Are you crazy?” She looked toward Tamara. “Does this man have bad eyesight?”
“No, of course not. He’s just tired,” she said looking toward Harry. “Right Harry, you’re tired. It has been a long day.”
“Yea, I guess,” he said wondering what the fuck was going on. A hand grabbed his crotch from under the table. He had no doubt it was Marge. He nearly spit up his coke.
“Tell me Harry, how long have you been working with Tamara?” She squeezed his crotch and looked him in the eyes.
He looked to Tamara. She wore a strange grin. “I can answer for Harry, two years. Why do you want to know?” she asked Marge.
“I’m horny. I just wanted to know how close you two really are?”
Harry nearly choked again. He looked to Tamara but she still wore that silly shit-eating grin on her face. Damn, he thought, things were getting interesting.
Tamara spoke. “So Harry how close are we?”
“Um, working close.” He still was dumbfounded.
“Let’s get the fuck out of here. There’s a nice hotel up the block, we could all go there and party,” Marge said as she winked at Harry.
Tamara stood. “I’m game.”
All Harry could think of was if he’d be able to hold out to fuck them both. He was in for a big old surprise.
“Yes, Yes,” screamed Tamara as Marge ate out her pussy. Tamara had her hands tangled in Marge’s long blonde hair. She’d had her pussy eaten before but this was unbelievable. The woman could suck a clit and she’d never had any tongue do to her what Marge’s did. Her orgasm was imminent and her belly ached with need. ‘Oh, fuck I’m gonna come,” she screamed out.
Tamara looked to Harry who had his eyes closed as he pushed his cock in and out of Marge’s ass. Average height and slender, Harry naked was impressive and so was his cock, long and thick when hard. God, the sight of his meat sliding in and out of Marge made Tamara hot. And each time Harry plunged deep, Marge sucked her clit even harder. Jesus she wasn’t sure if she could take anymore. She held her breath and finally let her body go.
Ripple after ripple racked her body. Tamara hadn’t climaxed with such intensity in ages. Then another cry echoed through the hotel room.
“Mother-fucker,” Harry yelled.
“Oh yes,” yelled Marge as she pushed away from Tamara’s pussy. “Fill my ass,” she shouted to Harry.
“Ah, ah,” he sighed as he came.
Within minutes, she pulled away from Harry leaving him spent and smiling. Marge grabbed Tamara and kissed her deeply taking her tongue in her mouth. She broke their kiss. “My turn,” she whispered in Tamara’s ear and fell back on the bed taking Tamara by the hair with her pushing her face in her pussy. Tamara got the hang of eating pussy quickly and found Marge’s clit. She sucked it until it swelled and Marge was groaning in ecstatic pleasure. This was a first for Tamara. She’d never been so heated with anyone, let alone a woman. Her pussy was still throbbing from her own orgasm as she ate Marge out. She took two fingers and fucked her already slick ass. Tamara was blind with passion.  
Her ass now up in the air as she labored to bring Marge to orgasm Harry smacked her ass. He smacked it again.
 And then again.
Next, she felt a tongue invade her butt hole. Her belly convulsed. Her tongue sped up its action inside Marge’s pussy.
Marge’s hands tangled in Tamara’s dark hair and now began pulling her face deep into her pussy. Marge screamed out.
“Oh fuck yes!” and came gushing her juices all over Tamara’s face. And it didn’t matter; because Tamara’s pussy contracted once again as she climaxed, sweet and hard.
The three of them collapsed on the bed. The room got cold. Then Tamara remembered the curse. She shook her head. God, why would she think of that silly amulet now? She got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom. She felt disturbed, uneasy, on edge. She went to turn on the light, but nothing happened. A cold hand touched her shoulder. “Harry,” she inquired softly. There was no answer, yet the hand lingered on her bare shoulder. Fear struck her so hard she could barely breathe. She couldn’t see, but the smell that now permeated the air around her was fowl and rancid.
“Oh God,” she whispered.
“No it’s not your God, but I am a God and you now belong to me. Did you read the old Sanskrit inscriptions?”
“Harry, this isn’t funny,” she said ready to let out a sigh of relief. She heard the voice again.
“I’m not Harry.”
She groped for a piece of furniture, a wall, anything she could hold onto to get her bearings. ‘Then who are you?” she asked.
Two strong hands spun her around to face him. Good God, he was strong. His grip was like iron as he held her tight. She couldn’t make out his face, but he was tall and from what she could see of his form, strongly built. This wasn’t Harry, not even close. Again, fear welled up inside of her.
“Who are you?” she asked. “How the Hell did you get in here?” Now she began to struggle under his grip.
“Stay still and keep quiet. You don’t want to wake the others do you? Because if you do, I’ll have to kill them.”
Shit, her mind screamed.
“You don’t believe do you? You have no faith in God…therefore you have no faith in what is truly evil.”
“If you’re some kind of serial killer, then I’m fucked and so are the others. Evil? You’re kidding me. I don’t believe in fairytales.”
“Then I’ll have to make a believer out of you.”
The lights came on. Her eyes focused.
He was gone.
On the bed, gaged and tied up in an array of intricate knots were Marge and Harry. She shook her head wondering when and how anyone had managed to tie them both up. Her eyes searched the room. Nothing. When her glance landed back on the bed, she could see the horror in Marge’s and Harry’s eyes. Oh, Jesus, something was very wrong, so very, very wrong. A cold hand touched the back of her neck and her body lurched forward. A deep sinister laugh echoed through the room. A dark haze appeared next to the bed and materialized. The woman standing in the smoky residue was beautiful. Her dark long hair framed clear porcelain skin.
“Master,” she said, her voice smooth and sexy.
“You may continue,” the voice said from behind her.
“Thank you,” the beautiful woman said. A soft smile appeared on her face and then the transformation. Her fangs grew before Tamara’s eyes and her face contorted and became demonic. Her beauty faded and the horror of what she was took control. She leapt on Harry, lunging for his throat and tearing his head from his body, releasing a flood of blood. She took his head, the look of horror still on his face and began to drink the flow of red velvet that seeped from it.
Tamara screamed.
“My little bird, don’t worry, that’s not your fate,” the voice behind her said. Now she could feel his hard body behind hers, and his large phallus pressed up against her ass. This wasn’t happening. This couldn’t be happening, her mind screamed.
He answered her thoughts.
“But it is little bird. It is happening. It’s not nice to unearth the dragon.”
“Please, stop. If it’s about that amulet, take it back. We’re just scientists and archeologists, this is our job. Don’t you understand by doing what we do, we let the rest of the world see the beauty of the past.”
“Sometimes, what’s in the past should stay there. But I must say I’m rather glad you freed us. It’s been ages since we’ve eaten.”
“Oh, God!” she screamed again.
Harry’s blood splattered everywhere and all over the bed. The creature before them was devouring the rest of Harry’s head. Another smoky haze appeared and this time the vision was that of a man. Tall and impressive with almost white hair, which framed a face with stunning blue eyes and perfect model-like features. However, in seconds, he transformed, but his body was ridden with dark green scales and his eyes were red with elongated pupils. He was reptilian.
“Ah,” whispered the entity behind her. “The dragon.”
 “The amulet,” she whispered. “The curse,” she added.
The scaled creature descended on Marge. Her screams filled the room as the creature began to crack bones and dissect the anguished woman. The scene before Tamara was beyond anything she could comprehend. Marge’s blood covered everything. The grotesque sight caused Tamara to sway, her mind and body giving way. She closed her eyes.

Red rubies ignited her eyes and clear white diamonds, scatter before her eyes, sparkling brightly in the sun. The amulet was magnificent; at least that was her impression.
“You touched the damn thing.” Mike Jenkins said slipping on a pair of latex gloves. “Damn it Tamara I told you not to touch the damn thing barehanded.”
“You and your superstitions,” she said, pushing away his hand with the latex gloves. “I’m a scientists, I don’t believe in that bullshit.”
“Fine, I don’t think the gloves will help now anyway. It’s too late. Don’t blame me if you start to have strange dreams and weird things happen.”
“Mike, you really get into this shit don’t you,” she said examining the amulet. He’d already encased it in clear plastic so she couldn’t touch the gold or gems again.
Funny, before when they first unearthed it, she didn’t think it was so spectacular, but now…after she touched it…,” she stopped.
“What do you think of it?” she asked him.
His sharp blue eyes stared at her. He smiled, letting his handsome features stand out. He was exceptionally good looking and built. However the rumor was, he was gay, and from his non-interest in women, she concluded it was the truth.  Pity, she thought, he also looked like he was packing something rather outstanding in his jeans. “It’s okay, but the quality of the gems is quite inferior.”
“Really?” she questioned. “I guess you know better than me, you’re the expert.”
“However, because of its age, this artifact will be worth a fortune. But in today’s world, just the gold would catch a jeweler’s attention.”
Funny, to her eyes, the amulet looked stunning. Now Tamara became worried. But that odd out of touch feeling was for the moment, nothing more. She handed the amulet to Mike. She yawned. Fatigue suddenly swept over her.
“I’m exhausted. I think I’ll go home.” She shook her head and never noticed the slight gleam in his eyes or the small smirk that formed on his fill sensuous lips. No, she never noticed the change in him.
By the time she pulled up in front of her small apartment complex, she realized that the fatigue she’d experienced was over. She checked the clock in her car, eight p.m. and she still hadn’t eaten any dinner. Maybe she’d drive to one of the fast food restaurants close by and get something to eat. Then she remembered she already had leftovers from the night before. She’d just be wasting money. She shut the car off and grabbed her purse. A disturbing image materialized before her eyes. Mike Jenkins. Every time she met with him, she was drawn to him. Yeah he was hot, but dating a guy you worked with wasn’t a smart move.
She got out of the car and slammed the door shut. She took in the evening air trying to erase the image of Mike from her mind. Tonight, his image persisted. Tonight her body needed release. Tonight she should have done something about her obsession with Mike Jenkins.
Tamara sighed. What was the use? She’d made a pact with herself never to date a co-worker and she was going to stick to it. She’d been so preoccupied with him when she came to the door of her apartment she was surprised.
“Another boring night,” she said sighing.
Once she was in her apartment, she flipped the living room light switch on and let out a scream when she saw him standing in the middle of her apartment’s living room. Tall, dirty, grimy and offensive, the hooded stranger stood before her. She backed away, trying to find the door out of her apartment but when her hand grabbed the doorknob, it was locked. She was going nowhere. He let out a sinister laugh.
“Little girl, tonight you’re not dreaming.”
“Yes, I am, I have to be,” she said. “You’re not real. Shoo, go away, leave me alone,” she cried. “Please!”
“You touched it. And you were told not to. It’s cursed and I’m the bearer of that curse.”
“Please, please,” she whispered. “Let me wake up,” she pleaded.
“You’re not dreaming.”
“I am, you’re not real. None of this is real. Since we found that amulet, my life has been turned upside down. It’s worse than those who found Tut’s tomb. Next I suppose we’ll all die of some horrible disease.”
He let out a sinister laugh again. “Perhaps, but before then, I’m going to have my fun and taste a sample of the worldly pleasures I left behind.”
His grimy, cold hands came down over her firm full breasts. She panicked.
“Oh, God,” she groaned. “This isn’t happening.”
“Yes my angel, it is. And from this night, forward…you will never know when the dreams will come to you. When someone else you know, love or care about is torn to shreds. The curse is real and will live in your dreams forever.”
“No, no,” she screamed waking up in a wet heated frenzy.
“Oh God, I was dreaming? Oh God no!” she screamed into the darkness. “When will this all end?”
In the dark recesses of the room a figure stood. He smiled. He knew the only way to end the horror was to bury the amulet and let it stay hidden for another few thousand years. In time, Tamara will discover the way to end the curse, but until then she’ll never know when the dreams will come and others will die. He grinned. The evil within him had been buried for years, now it had been release by the mere touch of that amulet. She’d been the first to touch the artifact and it was she who’d pay the consequences.
Now the games had begun. Evil would have a field day.

Tamara tried to get out of the straight jacket. She screamed, “Get me out of this thing. I need to bury it. Help me…Help me!  Someone anyone, help me!”
Her attendant watched her from the small opening in her cell room. God, thought the attendant. This one was really crazy. They found seventeen bodies, all victims, buried in various places throughout the city. Each one had met a horrible death and each one was tied to Tamara.
“Honey,” the attendant said through the opening. “There is no one to help you. Just relax.”
Tamara screamed. “You don’t understand. This will continue to happen even though you have me here. I’ve got to bury it!”
The attendant closed the small door that led to the opening of the cell. “Yeah, buried. We found plenty of them buried. You already took care of that.”
The attendant walked away from Tamara’s cell, but she never saw the dark tall strongly built figure hiding in the shadows at the end of the corridor.
“He he…..Surprise!” it said as the large hatchet landed on the attendant’s skull.
Tamara shook in her sleep. She saw the horror, but could do nothing to stop it. “Bury it,” she said in her sleep, “Bury it!”
One day she’d wake up…..Maybe.


  1. Another great short story! :)

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  6. Wow Ethan, you always amaze me. Very well written. I like how it's way away from usual writes in the way of evil.

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