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Monday, January 3, 2022

 Come closer

Yes you
I want to do
Nasty things
To you
I want your blood
I want to flood
You with my venom
Do you know me
Royce Bellamy
Yeah, a Vampire
A creature with wonton desires
Of what you ask
Desires of Blood
I have my own book
You must have a look
I will eat you
I will treat you
To evil pleasures
Not your puny Vamp
A well-endowed scamp
One with a stiff rod
With large needs
Who must feed
On not only your blood
But your sex
Bites your neck
Delicious climax
So complex
So don't forget
Such willing suspects
Desires of Blood, the series
Holiday fun, not for the weary
Begin your journey now
Not holier-than-though
But erotic and beyond
Earthly pleasures
Royce an evil treasure
Ethan Radcliff 2021©
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Christmas Love
The beauty of the winter season
My love my always heart's reason
As I fold you into my arms
On Christmas eve in all its charm
Overwhelmed that you're mine
For always and for all time
I rejoice in our love
Waiting for that cherub
From above with his sleigh
His appearance at our door
Bringing holiday cheer and more
We'll make love beneath the tree
Our hearts so full of love and glee
There will never be a scrooge for me
I have you, our child, my sanctuary
So tis the season full of cheer
I vow my love, forever my dear
And I wish you all who face the day
Merry Christmas, I am happy to say
Another year is upon us to savor
Let's make it better a different flavor
One of peace, happiness and unity
Put the past behind us community
Love is the way forward for me
The beauty of cold cleansing air
Of the holiday warmth and flair
Thank you for loving me
You have changed my life and me
Love us, forgive us and protect us
Once more I say Merry Christmas
To all, peace, love and tranquility
Ethan Radcliff ©2021
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Saturday, July 17, 2021


JIMMY...A widowed Limo driver and his many adventures....Join me 

2021...welcome...and where can I take you?

Thursday, July 8, 2021





Green eyes

Tear into me

She's wise

She's into me

I am mesmerized

I have stars in my eyes

She shows me

Her desire

Just with her eyes of fire

So green

So Mean

My mind begins it plan

How to give her pleasure

Screams of delight

Yes, this night

Getting her ready

Holding her steady

Tasting the nectar

As I preen

Her for more

My lips take a tour

Knowing she's mine

To enjoy

My beautiful toy

Mine to employ

Mine to bring joy

Those eyes always do the trick

My lips ready to lick

Ready to destroy her resolve

And so ready to involve her

In the love that we share

Green eyes an enticing pair

ES Radcliff 2021©




Three so fancy free

Three so naughty

Three full of glee

Three touching spree

Three will find a way

Three erotic play

Three natural as can be

Three you, her and me

Ethan Radcliff 2020