Saturday, May 31, 2014


Like a spider waiting for its prey
She lays in wait one hour, a day
She waits for him to leave his lair
So she can trace each step here there
Her sleek body attracts attention
Everywhere she goes not to mention
She takes the life of those around
Her origins begin centuries before her crown
Was given to her as Queen of darkness and despair
She waits in hope he’ll come to her a fast snare
She’ll devour him, fuck him, use him then cast aside
Like others she’s used abused beaten their hide
He’ll live in her wake as a servant like so many
Then she’ll go out again beautiful evil as any
Black, dark, cagey and cunning she demon she is
Full of deceit, lies, urges, and a decadence kiss
She’s not even a female of the human kind
She’s a black hearted creature a treasure a find
For those who have broken too many hearts
Beware of the hunter the demon of black arts
You might be her next prey, her next meal

But she will wait until minutes before for her true reveal

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