Saturday, January 7, 2017

A moment of desire: A Darker Dom….
He knew from her body language that she was interested. When she turned in her chair to explain her current situation, her bare knee brushed his. He wanted to run his hand along her perfect knee letting it journey higher, but a gentleman refrains from such behavior. However, in bed, he was a far different man. Did she have the stamina he required? Could she submit to his every whim under the covers? She ran her tongue over her lower lip. Was that a promise of what was yet to come? Beware, his overheated brain screamed, ‘lady, you have no idea what I want from that devious little tongue.’ His desire hardened inside his trousers. Charles imagined her on her knees, his meat deep down her throat. His thoughts echoed, ‘Oh yes, my dear, the gentleman before you is a fraud.’