Sunday, January 8, 2017

Shower of Deceit
The shower of deceit
My lovely at my feet
Punishment she'll get
Making her come so wet
She's naughty often
And I'll never soften
Toward her little antics
My hand already planted
On one soft full cheek
So erotic and sleek
The first slap on her ass
Hard and so very fast
Her little squeak of defeat
Drives me onward 
Another slap now stronger
I'm getting aroused now
As she speaks her vow
Calls me her sir
My steel begins to stir
One more whack
To keep her on track
Then sit on Masters lap
Let my fill your wet gap
Such a naughty girl
Let your desires unfurl
How Masters enjoys 
His girl's erotic noise
As we come in unison
Naughtiness so jubilant

Ethan Radcliff©2017

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