Thursday, July 31, 2014

Love and Beast

Love and Beast 
Ethan Radcliff 2014
Louis Royo

Nothing prepared her for his entrance
Tall lean and dark not handsome but
Erotic oozing sex and another essence
Her body tremebled and in her gut
She surmised there was more to him
Than what anyone saw perhaps grim
Such deep and soulful all emotions
Driping from him as an elixar or potions
Then she heard and then she saw
What he'd been hiding and more
A man not a creature from folklore
No it can't be as she moved from his sight
Black fur large fangs and now with his might
He grabs her into him and holds like a vice
She knew this night she's lose her life
Instead he nuzzled her close
Took in he scent with his nose
His growl not offensive neither his smell
Her body responded she's going to hell
But as she reliquished her soul
His demeanor changed as was foretold
Beast belonged to her to have and to hold
Her eyes saw the man no longer the beast
She would take him to love no easy feat
But beauty tamed the beast story complete

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