Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Dance

It took one look 
And I was hooked
She came at me
Tall slinky sexy
I wanted one dance
I wanted one chance
To hold her in my arms
Her smile melted those
She saw as she sat
I needed to use my charms
Get up front at bat
So I sauntered to her table
Like a prince in a fable
Smiled and offered her my hand
Not letting her know my other plans
I held her close and whispered
Lady, I want just a nip
She giggled really one sip?
I knew I had her in my grip
Now my mouth kissed her lip
She responded as she slipped
Her hand down over my dick
So hard was I that I moaned
She squeezed another groan
“Dear man so nice so hard
Caught you off your guard”
She turned the tables on me
I wanted her, a taste of pussy
She whispered “I give good head”
My knees weakened as she said
Her seductive words
Then she led
Me to the John
and went to knees
Ready to please
She didn’t lie
I came on the fly
And she swallowed my load
Her smile so sweet so bold
“Lady you see now I owe
You a good licking”
She said “Home with me
I’m not kicking”
I pulled up my pants
Now under her trance
We left right away
I promised her some play
Perhaps I’d spend the day

Ethan Radcliff 2014

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