Friday, July 25, 2014


She couldn't make a decision
Which one she liked the best
Both men's cock had risen
They going to put her to the test
One kissed her neck the other her breasts
Hands roamed her body heat manifest
She thought the idea so decadent
How could she resists
A set of fingers searched her pussy
The other set up her pliant ass
Her moans of pleasure such a hussy
What could she do, could she not pass?
No her heat was far too gone by now
And both her lovers had made a vow
To love her gently and promised
Her orgasms would be uncompromised
So she gave in to the moment let them in
Both love holes filled to the very brim
When all three hit their peak screams erupted
Vows of love spewed from lips her body cupped
In hot wet liquid of loves aftermath
A decadent lover’s warm naughty bath
She'd take them both and night after night
Such a decision and now no longer a plight
Ethan Radcliff 2014

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