Wednesday, June 25, 2014

red nails

I want this woman now
I'm hard and weeping
She teases me and how
I beg to enter seeping
She takes her fingers
To her swollen clit
I yearn as she lingers
Rubs will she submit?
I'll get down on my kneads
To do anything to please
Her body she readies
Entices me with her hands
Those red nails so pretty
Calling what are her plans
I see one nail disappear
Inside her wet slick slit
Her wetness I can hear
Her finger moves a bit
I want this woman now
Sweat upon my brow
She takes her finger out
A lick to shows me wow
She beckons me to her 
I obey I am all a blur
So heated to dip inside
This red nailed sexy guide

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