Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Fool

I uncovered her note
It reads of lust
It's not for me she wrote
Words of betrayed trust
It seems behind my back
She's without sexual lack
She's taken another lover
A forbiden kind of fruit
Mmm yes there's another
One who's not in a suit
She seems to want a friend
a woman same sex blend
I confront my Lady
Tell her I'd like to play
With them too
She says do you?
She smiles and makes a call
Says we will all have a ball
And then brings in he sexy friend
One on my cock one on a cunt
Tell you heaven it was, a grunt
Not a drop of a juice did we waste
As us three made sure we had a taste
Of me, of her, of my lady, all three
Tonight again in my bed we'll see
Who can cum first
and sate our thirsts.

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