Sunday, June 22, 2014

To my Pet

Today she comes to me 
she's on her bended knees
I take her head to see
her eyes are so sincere
I tell her you will submit
You will belong, all of you
to me my lovely unruley pet
She says yes Sir I am due
to be yours I will not fret
There is one way I say
that you be mine this day
Naked for me on that bed
face down ass up in the air
for me my pet enough said
As we will always play fair
My cock inside I slide
Your eyes they open wide
You are mine for all time
You rub your clit for me
My rythm begins to climb
As I cum setting all free
You shiver and gasp aloud
You cum mine so proud
My pet, my sub, my Lady vowed 

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