Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Test

I met her through a friend
She entered self assured
I could see she was on the mend
The confidence a front
I hated to talk or be blunt
as I saw her and lured her
To me and to my bed
So wrong but my needs led
Me to her because this was a test
To see who was or who could best
The sadness in her pale blue eyes
Could it be me a man of so many lies?
Could I bring to her what she lost
Then I wondered at what cost?
Why did I always put to test
Love, emotions that needed a rest
But this woman in my rumbled bed
Could snap at something I had said
Her hurt and despair so hidden
Could I unhinge her
Could I bring her
What she thought so forbidden?
Love....Love...adoration and domince
The test of her will and confidence

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