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Saturday, May 31, 2014


sweet lips
sweet licks
sweet tongue
sweet and young
sweet thighs
sweet sexual highs
sweet and neat
sweet what a treat
sweet lips
sweet and wet
sweet sips
sweet nectar I get
sweet pussy moist
sweet pink rejoice
sweet baby cum
sweetness I'm done



Lay down on the bed
Open your thighs wide
So pink so wet please spread
Wide for me my juicy pet
You minx you never try to hide
Your true desires you need met
So inside you my cock slides
Ah yes so slick so hot so mine
I pump hard my balls collide
Your breasts jiggle with each thrust
Oh my baby here it comes I will bust
Your little shivers push in on my cock
To tell  me that you’ve cum oh F_ck !


Like a spider waiting for its prey
She lays in wait one hour, a day
She waits for him to leave his lair
So she can trace each step here there
Her sleek body attracts attention
Everywhere she goes not to mention
She takes the life of those around
Her origins begin centuries before her crown
Was given to her as Queen of darkness and despair
She waits in hope he’ll come to her a fast snare
She’ll devour him, fuck him, use him then cast aside
Like others she’s used abused beaten their hide
He’ll live in her wake as a servant like so many
Then she’ll go out again beautiful evil as any
Black, dark, cagey and cunning she demon she is
Full of deceit, lies, urges, and a decadence kiss
She’s not even a female of the human kind
She’s a black hearted creature a treasure a find
For those who have broken too many hearts
Beware of the hunter the demon of black arts
You might be her next prey, her next meal

But she will wait until minutes before for her true reveal

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Power

The Power

I grip your hand my love
I hold no other above
You are life to me
the air I breathe and what my eyes can see
I never thought to find
a love so true so kind
Yet you obey my word
some think what we have absurd
but they cannot know
That as my slave my sub
I hold you, your love far above
You humble me for my need to show
that the submissive has the power
you are my woman of the hour
So take my hand my love
For you are my loving sub

Please Master

What did you say to me?
You want to feel my rod?
My pet first you'll please your Master 
Naked crawling to me see my hard on?
You will open lips wide sucking faster
Oh yes such a sweet mouth
Open wide small bites ouch
I love the way you play
you keep master at bay
but soon I will cum
Today in your sweet bum
Ass high my girl Master's ready
Deep my cock so hot and needy
explosions of the carnal kind
so good so sweet all mine
You now you want to feel my rod.
Okay my pet turn as you see me nod.
Each welt on you feel upon that ass
Will help you reach your orgasm fast.
Your scream of ecstacy does tell
That you please your Master well


Three sisters from hell
Ready to kiss and tell
They took me and ran
Evil beauties had a plan
Takes blood with a fang
then hits you with a bang
Now I roam the night alone
looking for blood and home
My hunger for evil the apex
my need to find red blood
and a victim's pretty neck
I will drink life's flood
Three sisters from hell

Shhh you musn’t tell

Morning Kiss

Morning kiss

A kiss good morning can do so much
Her mouth, hands and her soft touch
to start to my day 
nothing more to say
for a morning kiss
with her full lips
Her unique taste
lasts on me thru the day
I await to see her in haste
our evenings of erotic play
A good morning kiss can end no other way

Ethan Radcliff Author2014


She enters the room blindfolded
Her arms bound behind her
She trembles with anticipation
Does she know any of those who watch?
The scene she imagines will be unfolded
As she listens for breathing or any stir
Now her Master takes his station
One of control and administration
She holds her breath in and waits
Unable to see or only feel what is next
She hears soft whispers and hesitates
To move or twitch or even vex
But her Master she trusts above all
And when she feels his light touch
As he massages her clit then finger in
She lets her body go and begins to fall
Into that private space she shares with him
How could she ask for more or very much
As she cums, lets go, for Master that she trusts

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Mmm body so wet
My baby's so slick
I run a finger over her belly
I lick my lips getting set
to use my tongue to lick
her clean so very yummy

What have we here?
My tongue stops to taste
my woman my dear
I will lick and never waste
a drop of what you offer me
My baby all for me with glee
The drips hit my eager face
I rub my nose inside that place
A place all men like me adore
Juices flow, cum let body soar
I gooble up the water and your
Juices drip right to the floor
I look up at my baby all wet
sweet thing this was the best yet.


See your name in gold
On thid paddle so bold
You have been a very pet
So must take my paddle 
to your delicious rearend
Bend my girl so you can let
me use this and not to coddle
I will kiss and lick you and then
bring your to your knees for me
and make your Master pleased


Two lips on mine
Two hands on me
I grow hard devine
Pick a place to see
My girls all is free
One down there 
and one up here
Licks my pets
Be good girls yet
for Master will reward
His pretty pets a wayward
romp in Master's big old bed
Get to it my pets enough said !

Little Miss

Little Miss

I crave this lovely little Miss
I want to ravish her and then
take her in my arms and kiss
her very wet and supple treat
Which lies between her long legs
I lick and lick so much and when
I suck, and use my tongue to eat
I feel her clit with my teeth and begs
for more of her erotic juices to  wet
my mouth oh my miss do not fret
I will make you cum with a scream
My reward your delicious cream



After the love ends
When one lover leaves
The lover left must fend
With emotions still feels
How do you stop the love?
How do you tell a heart?
That the love must be shoved
To the curb and must depart
Can you ask that love?
Can you feel for me again?
And love me like you did?
My heart it begs for more
How do you try to mend?
A heart not ready to admit
Love is gone, Love is done
Broken and in many pieces
No longer joined as one
Oh the pain never ceases
Time they say will heal
And yes time will pass
But I will always feel
In my fragile heart of glass
The Love that was thrown asunder
By one who wanted to be a hunter?
On the prowl again and free
I wait, I Hesitate, I want to see
Like mine a hurt so deep can’t be spoken
My heart once and for all is broken

Wednesday, May 28, 2014



Girl behave find your place
My cock grows hard in your face
You will treat your Master fair
As I sit her in my chair
Use your lips on me my pet
Suck me hard, but not yet
Will I cum 
My pet you must think
Of how you can drink 
mmm some
Before I settle my face
In you hot wet place
My girl a job so well done
You are my special one
My pet, my slave, my sub
You are mine to have and love
Girl you found your place
See that smile upon my face



 My mind is full of her 
She's a constant in me
I spend nights awake
My brain stuck on her
I try to sleep but all I can see
is her before me for heaven sake
She haunts me day and night
her scent my lovers plight
I love to slip inside my beauty
Perform an erotic lovers duty
She teases me 
She teases all
She likes to see
Me beg and crawl
I can't stop my desires
I can't think of life without my lover
She sets internal fires
I can't think of any woman above her
She is 
She is
My Elation
She is 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

One finger

One Finger ...Adult content

One finger on her lips
What could she be up to
I watch her suck that finger
I wish it was my cock 
due that kiss
I smile as she cleans up
she can suck like so few
and I stay always linger
for a chance to fuck
this pretty miss

Ethan Radcliff 2014

Up she goes 
I await her in my bed
She's up on her toes
Eager better said
She'll give me all
and then I'll call 
Her to her knees
My cock weeps
For her pretty mouth
On me as I cum 
It drips 
down her lips
My baby don't pout
Daddy has for you his tongue
Ready to make my baby cum
Up she goes

Her Mouth

Her Lips
Her Tongue
Her Teeth
Make Me Weak

The Wait

The Taming of Molly Jenkins


I couldn't have said this better
having you in my arms like this
your skin so soft like butter
It's your lips I want, need to kiss
Our bodies tight on each other
my shaft against your soft ass
nothing can compare I shudder
because soon deep I'll be so fast
inside my world, my woman, one
with you as it was mean to be
So I love you, adore you, so done
with life alone now together free
that kiss I promised here there
my love, my life will be everywhere
I couldn't have said this better



Dark clouds above

Lost in lust not love

A touch of a hand

Discarded wedding band

As the winds subside we

Lay unwilling to see

We rage refuse to conform

We give into the storm