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Saturday, July 17, 2021


JIMMY...A widowed Limo driver and his many adventures....Join me 

2021...welcome...and where can I take you?

Thursday, July 8, 2021





Green eyes

Tear into me

She's wise

She's into me

I am mesmerized

I have stars in my eyes

She shows me

Her desire

Just with her eyes of fire

So green

So Mean

My mind begins it plan

How to give her pleasure

Screams of delight

Yes, this night

Getting her ready

Holding her steady

Tasting the nectar

As I preen

Her for more

My lips take a tour

Knowing she's mine

To enjoy

My beautiful toy

Mine to employ

Mine to bring joy

Those eyes always do the trick

My lips ready to lick

Ready to destroy her resolve

And so ready to involve her

In the love that we share

Green eyes an enticing pair

ES Radcliff 2021©




Three so fancy free

Three so naughty

Three full of glee

Three touching spree

Three will find a way

Three erotic play

Three natural as can be

Three you, her and me

Ethan Radcliff 2020


The bite that she craves

Will send her to the grave

Erotic sensations abound

Beneath forbidden ground

She begs him for more

Let's him in her front door

Never knowing his intentions

Handsome, deadly no questions

Bearing her soul never told

That his bite will bury her

Life now a distant blur

However, he's the King

With him, he will bring

Everlasting life of doom

Darkness no light, gloom

With open sensual arms

He dupes her with his charms