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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Inside of you so deep
I push hard into you
Our emotions begin to seep
Are we getting the clue?

Our desires are high
Still we keep asking why
Our skin burns with need
As we continue to feed

Our bodies keep calling
I wait and sweat daily
No longer sex appalling
Our fucking now sailing

You tell me more push
I obey as I heave and crush
My cock in you
What more can I do?

So wet and succulent
My mouth waters for a taste
I'll lick and never relent
I'll not do this with haste

I want you to cum
My name on your tongue
I want to be that man
Who will and who can

Bring you to the edge
Then let you tip and fall
This is my erotic pledge
I will give it my all

Making Love

Make love
Stars above
My girl and me
That's all I can see
Taken back
On the right track
Never slack
Never a retract
Make love now
Again somehow
We're dizzy
In a tizzy
Me and her forever
In erotic heaven
We'll never part
She's won my heart

Ethan Radcliff 2015