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Friday, October 16, 2015 2 Death Riders November 25, 2015

"You tell me, I never do what a woman feels uncomfortable with. I even want you to tell me how you want me to fuck you. I like to know how you want it and where."
"You're really not so bad are you? I thought you were bad?"
He grabbed her hair, knowing where she was going with this. The little redhead wanted it rough and he liked it rough. He grabbed a head full of her hair. "You like this?"
"Yes, oh yes," she whimpered.
"Do you like it hard?"
"And deep, I like it so deep," she said licking her lips.

Worshipping Her

All hands

The biter

Prince of Darkness

Up tight
Doin alright
Hunger bare
About to snare
One pretty thing
Thirsty yearning
Needing more
Setting the lure
Here pretty, pretty
Come to me
Let me taste
Your wine laced
In red blood
As emotions flood
Your body
We'll have a party
As I take your soul
Me so bold
The devil incarnate
Prince of Darkness
Fangs glisten
As you listen
To my whispers
Of Immortal vespers
Mine now
For all time

Ethan Radcliff ©2015

Death Riders the series

Evil Swords

Swords held high
Reason clear why
Evil comes
Battles to be won

On your knees
Yes his enemies
Hearts on fire
Deaths required

But beauty saves
His evil ways
Blood on blood
Love’s shrouded hood

Can beauty win?
Repent his sins
Time will only tell
The devil’s place in hell

She’ll raise a hand
Take a stand
Bring him down
Utters not a sound

For love is tarnished
For evil must pay
As demons do play

A hand she’ll extend
Makes him bend
Will love conquer?
Can love be stronger?

Wings are extended
His beauty so splendid
He’s a product of hell
Only time will tell

Evil or the good
Can he be misunderstood?
Evil will rage on
Her love an innocent pawn

Only one can pray
She’ll not rue the day
His sword did pierce
His heart so fierce

Ethan Radcliff © 2015