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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

One Caress

One caress
The best
One kiss
Such bliss
But I want more
I’ll take you on the floor
On the kitchen table
Or the bath room sink
Baby what do you think
Or you can kneel
Make me squeal
Suck me hard and dry
Make me sigh
Baby raise that ass
Such a sexy task
So one caress
I must confess
Leads us astray
To such naughty play
Ethan Radcliff ©2016

Peek a Boo


The Tease

The thrill
The chill
Blows his mind
The time
She takes
The fuss she makes
Running the ice
Smooth and nice
Along his throat
Water does coat
The thrill
The chill
His trust in her
His body's stir

And excitement
So evident
Soon more to come
Oh, my pets
She's not done
Not until the ice melts
And she's dealt
With his desires
And what he requires
So good to know
She's such a pro
Their evening of fun
Has just begun

Ethan Radcliff©2016