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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Crossed Fingers

The snap of a whip
A solemn promise
Fingers crossed
A touch of a fingertip

She gives the impression
She's willing to submit
Acts the part in dress too
A Dom must ask the question

Will you kneel at my feet
Submit and accept defeat
Call me Sir so calm so sweet
Obey me in a simple heartbeat

Funny thing some subs
Prefer to top
So Master must watch
And wield his stately crop

A true Dom can see her defiance
Can break down get her compliance
He can Master her needs
Fulfilling his as he takes the lead

She may enter like a wrecking ball
But he'll contain her it's his call
Fingers crossed
Good things are never lost

Ethan Radcliff ©2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Three sisters

Evil as can be
Chilling and so
To smash a man's
Take his desire
Rage on his
Then destroy
Use every ploy
To unman
Do what they
To draw him in
To the devil's sins
Hell's abode
His resolve ready
To implode
As he dances
To their tune
His ruin
Now in full

Ethan Radcliff©2017


Book Six
Desires of Blood
Hair, the color of honey and gold hung in magnificent ringlets around her beautiful face. Azure blue eyes, accented by dark long lashes, crowned a perfect nose, leading to full sensuous lips. Lucian smacked his chops and reveled in how hard his cock became as he took in her beauty.
Charade was one of the most beautiful creatures he’d ever laid his eyes on and now she belonged to him, at least for a while. He mulled over her sentence, perhaps he’d keep her for a few hundred years, after that, the probability of getting bored with the whole thing would catch up to him. He would enjoy torturing Grayson. The hybrid was an anomaly, one he would enjoy fucking with, knowing he wanted Charade and had her. Foolish vampire, he thought, it’s not good to anger the devil or destroy one of his prominent army generals.
The fun had just begun. She’d even brought with her another plaything, a special human named Cross, a vampire slayer. Oh, the delight of it all.
Lucian was the devil, and he knew he was about to have one Hell of a party.
Yes, evil fun.
What other kind was there?
Satan broke out into riotous laughter, oh, how he loved ruling Hell.
He twisted the silver-coated chains that held Charade. “My, my, that silver coating doesn’t singe your beautiful skin just reddens it slightly. I’m a fucking genius.”
“Go fuck yourself!” she screamed.
“No, my pretty, that’s what you’re here for.” He pulled at the chains one more time. Her screams of pain echoed through the chamber.
“Do you miss him?” he asked.
“Fuck you!”
“Oh come on, you miss, Grayson. However, when I stick my cock into you I will make you forget all about that hybrid bastard. That’s a promise.”
“I will destroy more of your sick little creatures if I ever get loose. You underestimate me, Lucian.”
“My lovely, I revel in sin, I wade in evil and I can drink blood as well as anyone one. Bring it on baby, bring it on.”
She let out a scream. Lucian laughed. The fun had just begun.