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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

All Hands

hands around you
hands wanna do
so many naughty  
thing to you

hands so greedy
hands so needy
fingers ache
to touch your place

hands to slap
hands to wrap

around her waist
so he can taste

hands separate
hands liberate
wet soft crevices
sexy soft nemesis

hands will gyrate
hands will vibrate
makes her cum
hands a job well done

Ethan Radcliff ©2015

Friday, October 16, 2015 2 Death Riders November 25, 2015

"You tell me, I never do what a woman feels uncomfortable with. I even want you to tell me how you want me to fuck you. I like to know how you want it and where."
"You're really not so bad are you? I thought you were bad?"
He grabbed her hair, knowing where she was going with this. The little redhead wanted it rough and he liked it rough. He grabbed a head full of her hair. "You like this?"
"Yes, oh yes," she whimpered.
"Do you like it hard?"
"And deep, I like it so deep," she said licking her lips.

Worshipping Her

All hands

The biter

Prince of Darkness

Up tight
Doin alright
Hunger bare
About to snare
One pretty thing
Thirsty yearning
Needing more
Setting the lure
Here pretty, pretty
Come to me
Let me taste
Your wine laced
In red blood
As emotions flood
Your body
We'll have a party
As I take your soul
Me so bold
The devil incarnate
Prince of Darkness
Fangs glisten
As you listen
To my whispers
Of Immortal vespers
Mine now
For all time

Ethan Radcliff ©2015

Death Riders the series

Evil Swords

Swords held high
Reason clear why
Evil comes
Battles to be won

On your knees
Yes his enemies
Hearts on fire
Deaths required

But beauty saves
His evil ways
Blood on blood
Love’s shrouded hood

Can beauty win?
Repent his sins
Time will only tell
The devil’s place in hell

She’ll raise a hand
Take a stand
Bring him down
Utters not a sound

For love is tarnished
For evil must pay
As demons do play

A hand she’ll extend
Makes him bend
Will love conquer?
Can love be stronger?

Wings are extended
His beauty so splendid
He’s a product of hell
Only time will tell

Evil or the good
Can he be misunderstood?
Evil will rage on
Her love an innocent pawn

Only one can pray
She’ll not rue the day
His sword did pierce
His heart so fierce

Ethan Radcliff © 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015


A thought, a snippet a prelude? You tell me?


Torn between real life and his dreams, Tony drove himself crazy. He would wake up in the dark recesses of the night, sweating with need. She, lived in his dreams. He wanted to crawl into that dream night after night, to touch her, to feel himself inside her, but she was just out of his reach. Reality was becoming a blur.

How do you catch a dream? How do you live a dream? Tony could only think he was losing his mind. Did he care? No, not until he had her, whether in a dream or not, he'd find a way.

When he woke up, it was three a.m. and his head was pounding. Damn he'd had too much to drink the night before and he'd had some people wondering if he checked his brains at the door. One young woman reminded him of his dream girl, short auburn hair and green eyes. He was sure it was her, come to life and ending his misery.  Yeah, he grabbed her and kissed her, well maybe slobbered all over her, he was that drunk.

He pushed the pillow behind his head, damn his cock was hard that morning wood got home very time. He went to scratch his balls and knew he needed relief. Stroking himself slowly felt good, then he increased his rhythm and his hold. He pushed down the sheets so he'd shoot his wad on himself and not his new clean sheets. 

Pull after pull on his hard dick brought him closer and his mind focused on the gorgeous auburn haired women he'd been dreaming of the last few months. The coral tips of her full breasts filled his erotic soaked mind. How he wanted more. He imagined being between her silky thighs and how she'd taste. He could see the soft pink fold of her cunt, glistening and beckoning him to her. The more he fantasized the closer her got to nirvana. When he couldn't stand the sweet torture anymore he let it happen. His cock jerked spewing his cum all over his taunt abdomen. 
"Ah fuck!" he yelled.
"Who are you? Where are you?" he asked into thin air.
His whole body relaxed. All his energy went into one orgasm, perhaps today he'd be able to keep his mind clear of a certain dream girl.

Tony Rizzo was not losing his mind. Sometimes dreams are a where no one is quite sure.

to be continued.....

Ethan Radcliff 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

TORRID...For that all Hallows Eve....on my Blog...a free read TORRID..a man of metal (can you rock and roll) hehe coming this fall....

Anger was always a problem for Karl. He handled it badly. He'd spent some time in jail for breaking a few limbs, not that they didn't deserve it. He had one sure and fast rule, never hit a Lady. He smirked, first he had to find one. Jan Otten, agent and businesswomen claimed to be just that. Karl was ready. He'd meet with Jan, hand over his career to her, see what magic she could create for him. Did he want to fuck the auburn beauty. Yes. And he would, that much he was sure of....

free read this fall...can you rock and roll with the devil? Hehe

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Inside of you so deep
I push hard into you
Our emotions begin to seep
Are we getting the clue?

Our desires are high
Still we keep asking why
Our skin burns with need
As we continue to feed

Our bodies keep calling
I wait and sweat daily
No longer sex appalling
Our fucking now sailing

You tell me more push
I obey as I heave and crush
My cock in you
What more can I do?

So wet and succulent
My mouth waters for a taste
I'll lick and never relent
I'll not do this with haste

I want you to cum
My name on your tongue
I want to be that man
Who will and who can

Bring you to the edge
Then let you tip and fall
This is my erotic pledge
I will give it my all

Making Love

Make love
Stars above
My girl and me
That's all I can see
Taken back
On the right track
Never slack
Never a retract
Make love now
Again somehow
We're dizzy
In a tizzy
Me and her forever
In erotic heaven
We'll never part
She's won my heart

Ethan Radcliff 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015




Make me laugh


It's just the half

I like to lick


Smacks by lips


They tickle my nose


When at your toes


Get in my way


When I want to play


Let me eat


My morning treat


Start my day


Please you all the way

 Ethan Radcliff 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


t's late
In from a date
Bed seems to be my fate
I hear the scratch
Window's unlatched
The beauty wants in
I only grin
But to the window I go
Pointing she shows
Me don't see
Unlatch this please
I hear her in my head
Is she dead
She's got me now
Fangs extended wow
I try to fight
Feeble is my plight
She takes my blood
To the floor with a thud
Soon I'll be her evil toy
Oh joy
Vampire love
Far from any above
Ethan Radcliff 2015

Coming....Blood Lust....Be careful what you wish for....

Morgan O'neil thought he had it all, until he met Veronica, a gorgeous brunette with a well kept secret. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I heard the purr
As I walked through the door
She was waiting for Sir

Clad in satin and lace
She really knows her place
Good girl for I saw no haste

She was smiling at me
As sexy as sexy can be
My pet my little honey bee

As her Master I have strong needs
My pet knows how to feed
I now began to hear her pleas

We play a dark sexy game
Our bodies will become drained
Lovemaking will never be the same

She knows how to please on her knees
My hard needs now released
A drop on her lip, my seed

My pet, she knows me well

Ethan Radcliff 2015

Black Lace

Black Lace

You walked into the room
One look and I began to swoon
Legs from here to there
Black stockings what a pair
I wondered if underneath
There was some lacy underwear
I kept my eyes peeled
On those black stiletto heels
I had a moment, a vision
Of my head in marked precision
Between those dark thighs
Hearing your pleasured cries
Now I began to rise myself
Blood pumping beneath my belt
I needed to dip my hard wick
Inside your wet creamy slit
We slipped past the crowd
Searched around and found
A quiet corner so I could
Find my way to your goods
We ground and bumped away
Until our bodies gave way
It was I must confess
A hell of a way to play
Black stockings caused the scene
Baby I think you know what I mean

Ethan Radcliff 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Sometime Poet...signed


Via out of the country $29.95

I will need name and address and any special note you want me to write in your book.

The signed book will list at 19.95 and that includes shipping and handling in the US only. There are no returneds. Once a book is personalized, we can't take it back. (Licks)Thank you in advance for reading my work. 

Thank You