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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


t's late
In from a date
Bed seems to be my fate
I hear the scratch
Window's unlatched
The beauty wants in
I only grin
But to the window I go
Pointing she shows
Me don't see
Unlatch this please
I hear her in my head
Is she dead
She's got me now
Fangs extended wow
I try to fight
Feeble is my plight
She takes my blood
To the floor with a thud
Soon I'll be her evil toy
Oh joy
Vampire love
Far from any above
Ethan Radcliff 2015

Coming....Blood Lust....Be careful what you wish for....

Morgan O'neil thought he had it all, until he met Veronica, a gorgeous brunette with a well kept secret. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I heard the purr
As I walked through the door
She was waiting for Sir

Clad in satin and lace
She really knows her place
Good girl for I saw no haste

She was smiling at me
As sexy as sexy can be
My pet my little honey bee

As her Master I have strong needs
My pet knows how to feed
I now began to hear her pleas

We play a dark sexy game
Our bodies will become drained
Lovemaking will never be the same

She knows how to please on her knees
My hard needs now released
A drop on her lip, my seed

My pet, she knows me well

Ethan Radcliff 2015

Black Lace

Black Lace

You walked into the room
One look and I began to swoon
Legs from here to there
Black stockings what a pair
I wondered if underneath
There was some lacy underwear
I kept my eyes peeled
On those black stiletto heels
I had a moment, a vision
Of my head in marked precision
Between those dark thighs
Hearing your pleasured cries
Now I began to rise myself
Blood pumping beneath my belt
I needed to dip my hard wick
Inside your wet creamy slit
We slipped past the crowd
Searched around and found
A quiet corner so I could
Find my way to your goods
We ground and bumped away
Until our bodies gave way
It was I must confess
A hell of a way to play
Black stockings caused the scene
Baby I think you know what I mean

Ethan Radcliff 2015