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Saturday, August 12, 2017

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Bound in Lace  
By Ethan Radcliff

He sat in his leather chair
He waited for her to enter
Her face stern and her hair
Pulled back ready to banter

Her voice was low and sultry
As she called him Sir on entry
His smirk revealed his intent
She’d submit become his pet

He held out his hand to her
She backed away why the deter?
But from her purse she pulled lace
Black and ornate with a happy face

Take off your clothes he demanded
She obeyed his order as she handed
Him the lace to see what he would do
“I’ll bind you my pet then arouse you”

She felt her body give way as her juices
Began to flow for her Master’s uses
Now she was wet
Her body so very set
To let him have his way
With his sexy play

He got up from his chair
Wound the lace around her
With it he tightly bound her
Undid the bun as her dark hair

Flowed upon her creamy skin
Tonight there would be no end
He laid her on the large bed
Spread her thighs and then he fed

On her soft wet lips unfurled
She wriggled her hands were curled
Because her body wanted to release
He stopped and smiled so pleased

“What do you say my pet?”
“Sir please may I cum, so wet”
He lowered his dark handsome head
And licked her as her orgasm shed

It’s nectar that her Sir gladly accepted
He untied the lace as was expected
 And let her settle down some
“Now my pet it’s Master’s turn to cum”

She took that soft and silken lace
First took a satisfying quick taste
Of his pre juices and tied the lace
Around his cock then buried her face

And obeyed what her Master wanted
She took his cum and licked her lips
Her domination was undaunted
Her rewards a long deep kiss for this
His sub, his property, his little miss
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