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Saturday, December 20, 2014


At night 
A fright
Most asleep
He plays
For keeps
He'll conger spells
Make you tell
Your secrets
Confess your deepest
Give pleasures
Without measure
Bondage a natural
Strip you naked
His purpose jaded
His magic hated
Markings from hell
Can't you tell
This warlock
His hardened cock
Will drive you mad
Takes you hard
No regard
Devours your soul
You've been told
Hot wet needs
His strong seed
Your demise
Countless lies
Intriguing shock
Ethan Radcliff 2014
Warlock...Desires of Blood series
Book 2...coming

Friday, December 12, 2014

Royce Bellamy is over one thousand years old. He’s a vampire. He’s also part of an elite force with the New York City Police Department and he’s faced with a dilemma. His current lover is pushing him to turn her, she’s one of the cities’ top ADA’s. 
Royce already has three vampire beauties running around the world, who owe their immortality to him, did he need another? 
His current human lover, Beth Ann has taken hold of him in a way he never expected. Vampires weren’t supposed to fall in love. But was it love? He’d find out soon enough. 
Meet Lucinda, Magenta and Dahlia his three children. Royce has released them; it is after all the twenty-first century. One will fall in love with a warlock, one a jackal and one with a shape-shifter. Will any of them find redemption? Or will their desire always be of blood?