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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Roadside Love

She was in distress
With her car all alone
She wore a blue dress
She was on her phone

As I passed she waved
I stopped ready to save
She smiled thanking me
Asked me come and see

The backseat of her car
She had the  door ajar
I leaned over to look
Pushed me in I shook   

Her hands were there
Rubbing asked for a share
Her mouth licked me
Her lips took some free

Precum and now was hard
Caught me of my guard
She hiked her blue dress
Slid over me fuck oh yes

Road me hard kissed deep
She wasn’t playing for keeps
Her breasts bounced jiggled
Too good so I took a nibble

We pushed we pounded
Soon, release came, rounded
I came filled her to the core
But she wanted a lot more

Road me until she had her fill
We stopped bodies so slick
Had I fulfilled her roadside bill
Off she came took a few more licks

Finally asked what was wrong
She said needed a good strong
Fuck and I filled that need
So I thanked her left in speed

Til this day I often think about

My roadside fuck without a doubt


  1. Hmmmm...I've never tried roadside assistance. Sounds intriguing though.

  2. LOVE IT!!! That's what you call roadside assistance!!!!