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Monday, January 3, 2022

Christmas Love
The beauty of the winter season
My love my always heart's reason
As I fold you into my arms
On Christmas eve in all its charm
Overwhelmed that you're mine
For always and for all time
I rejoice in our love
Waiting for that cherub
From above with his sleigh
His appearance at our door
Bringing holiday cheer and more
We'll make love beneath the tree
Our hearts so full of love and glee
There will never be a scrooge for me
I have you, our child, my sanctuary
So tis the season full of cheer
I vow my love, forever my dear
And I wish you all who face the day
Merry Christmas, I am happy to say
Another year is upon us to savor
Let's make it better a different flavor
One of peace, happiness and unity
Put the past behind us community
Love is the way forward for me
The beauty of cold cleansing air
Of the holiday warmth and flair
Thank you for loving me
You have changed my life and me
Love us, forgive us and protect us
Once more I say Merry Christmas
To all, peace, love and tranquility
Ethan Radcliff ©2021
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